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Gutenberg 7.3: Every Thing You Should Know About This Update

Gutenberg just released its second update of 2020 on 22 January and with the help of 159 contributions from 56 contributors, 7.3 version brings new enhancements, new APIs,  performance improvements, bug fixes, and various other improvements.

There are numerous improvements and enhancements but version 7.3 is mainly focused on navigation block, block collections API, and new post layout blocks, also this time Gutenberg team has made major performance improvements on page load time.

But before checking out the features it introduced, let’s take a look at performance improvements of Gutenberg 7.3.

The performance improvement on page load time is the star achievement of this release and they’ve successfully reduced the average time of an input event by almost half compared to the previous version. Along with that, the loading time is also reduced by 29.25%.

This significant change is achieved by avoiding rendering of every block and making block DOM tree lighter by removing extra div wrapper, removing inner div wrapper, rewrite drop zone with hooks and other actions.

Now, let’s take a look at what’s new in this release.

Navigation Block

Gutenberg team has made a few improvements in the navigation block and now you can easily set the text and background colors to the navigation menu.

You can select any text or background and even create your own custom color of your choice in the navigation block.

New API – Block Collection API

New API, block collection is introduced in Gutenberg 7.3 which is mainly focused on developers. Through this new API developers can easily register all groups of blocks to their custom block collections.

registerBlockCollection( namespace, { title, icon } );  // this enables blocks to be added to both collections and categories

Also, various new APIs are introduced in this release like ImageSizeControl component, text component, warning package, etc.

Post Layout Blocks

Gutenberg added three new post layout blocks through which you can easily insert a date, author and excerpt to your post the same as Post Title and Post Content blocks.

  1. Post Author block
  2. Post Date block
  3. Post Excerpt block

There’s a lot more to Gutenberg 7.3, and you can check it out on their official release page where you’ll find the full documentation of enhancements, new APIs, experiments, and more information on the new Gutenberg release.

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