2018 Best WordPress Caching Plugins For A Fast Loading Website

2018 Best WordPress Caching Plugins For A Fast Loading Website

Guess what happens when a website is slow? No one visits it. 

Loneliness creeps in and soon, no one remembers the name of the website. It won’t show up on decent search engine ranking positions.

Sorry, I got a little dramatic.

However, it’s true. Slow websites get no love. Therefore, you need to find a way to optimize your WordPress website. The easiest way of doing it is through a caching plugin.

WP Rocket

Unlike other WP cache plugins, WP Rocket is not free. In spite of that, it is rather a simple plugin to install and configure. It comprises of various intrinsic features, such as Lazy Image Loading — in which images only load if users scroll down to them; Page Caching — that creates an ultra-fast load time when WP Rocket is activated and Static Files Compression — in which the size of your HTML, JavaScript and CSS files are reduced through minification.

Even though the ‘Settings’ tab of WP Rocket is divided into seven sections — users can easily get around it without being dragged into a room full of technicalities. Still, there is an ‘Advanced Options’ tab, which is only used to select the files and pages you want to exclude from minification and caching.

WP Rocket is the most user-friendly option as it comes with a license fee of $39 for one website, $99 for three websites (business license) and $199 for an endless supply of websites. What’s more is that all of these options come with a 30-day money-back guarantee for a year of supports and updates.

The recent version of WP Rocket is compatible with the current version of WordPress (4.7.2). Click here if you wish to buy the plugin.  

W3 Total Cache

If you want to get a better chance of generating leads and increase in traffic, then W3 Total Cache is a shoo-in for that department. With the help of one of its popular feature, Content Delivery Network (CDN) integration, so you can easily reduce reload times and improve site’s overall performance by tenfold. It also supports Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP), Secure Socket Layer (SSL), including caching of database objects and fragmented disk or memory.

If you wish to tweak the functioning of the page a bit, then you’ll be happy to know that the plugin comes with a Dedicated Settings Page for each kind of caching, such as: database caching, browser caching and page caching. It allows you to alter the default life of a cached objects. Therefore, going through 16 pages of plugin settings can be strenuous, but once you get the hang of it — it’s all good.

Several WordPress users highly recommend using W3 Total Cache on all WooCommerce and WordPress sites for their sites. Let us assure you that W3 Total Cache works very well with the latest version of WordPress. To download the plugin, simply click here.

WP Super Cache

Unarguably, WP Super Cache is one of the best cache plugins which is available for WordPress. It enables you to generate static HTML files from your dynamic WordPress blog. After this, you will only be working on that specific file instead of working on heavier and expensive WordPress PHP scripts.

It consists of seven tabs in the ‘Options’ tab, but it is relatively simple-to-use. By enabling cache from the ‘Easy’ tab, your plugin will begin to cache your pages automatically. You can use the ‘Contents’ tab to check the number of pages that are cached.

Over 99.9% of internet users are served with static HTML files and the best part is that they don’t even see those files — they will get different cached files that are better than most uncached files.

To customize your cache settings for a better performance, visit the ‘Advanced Settings’ area. There are some files that should have been enabled by default, such as ‘Don’t Cache Pages for Known Users’ and ‘Compressing Files. ’

Fortunately, the current version of W3 Super Cache is compatible with the latest version of WordPress (4.7.2). Please click here to download and install the plugin.

WordPress Cache Testing

Tested using these two scenarios.

1. A busy store was created with nearly 100 requests that had a number of images, plugins and dynamic elements to make it heavy. Cache plugins were tested to see if they can handle such a site.

2. A simple blog with a minimalistic theme with only 10 requests and already optimized. Plugin were tested to see if it has an impact on such a website.

Best WordPress Cache Plugins

Without caching (baseline) 3.00s/2.10s 1.00s/597ms
SWIFT Performance Lite (free) 1.04s/890ms 768ms/570ms
SWIFT Performance (paid) busy 911ms/900ms 644ms/453ms
WP Rocket (paid) 1.05s/1.02s 659s/426ms
Simple Cache (free) 1.07s/993ms 498ms/458ms
LiteSpeed Cache (free) 982ms/1.02s 569ms/532ms
Breeze (free) 1.35s/1.04s 528ms/496ms
Comet Cache (free) 1.21s/955ms 557ms/460ms
Powered Cache (free) 1.28s/938ms 748ms/680ms
WP Fastest Cache (free) 1.30s/963ms 573ms/527ms
Borlabs Cache (paid) 1.19s/1.04s 919ms/723ms
Yasakani Cache (free) 1.30s/1.07s 851ms/568ms


Average WordPress Cache Plugins

Alpha cache 1.6s/1.3s
Batcache 2.0s/1.5s
Blunt Cache not tested
Browser Caching with .htaccess 2.6s/2.0s
Cache Enabler 1.8s/1.6s
Cache for WordPress Performance 1.9s/1.6s
Cachify 1.9s/1.3s
Dessky Cache 1.6s/1.1s
FOCUS Object Cache 2.6s/2.2s
Gator Cache 1.6s/1.1s
Hyper Cache 1.6s/1.1s
Hyper Cache Extended 1.6s/1.1s
Speed Up – Browser Caching 1.6s/1.6s
Vendi Cache 1.7s/1.2s
Vivio Swift 1.7s/1.6s
WP LCache not tested
WP Speed of Light 1.71s/1.1s
WP Super Cache 2.0s/1.7s
WP-Cache.com 1.0s/1.0s
WP-FFPC 1.5s/1.0s


Bad WordPress Cache Plugins

A2 Optimized WP not tested
Full Site Cache for KeyCDN not tested
Hummingbird 1.8s/2.1s
MemcacheD Is Your Friend 2.6s/2.4s
Memcached Redux 2.6s/3.5s
SG Optimizer slow & sticky
Super Static Cache 1.7s/1.4s
W3 Total Cache (W3TC) 1.5s/2.0s
Warp Cache 2.3s/2.5s
WP Fast Cache 2.5s/1.0s
WP Optimize Speed By xTraffic not tested
WP Roids 1.6s/2.4s
WP Spider Cache not tested
WPBase Cache not tested


Read detailed reviews and test results of WordPress cache plugins on WP Johnny to select the best one for your website.

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