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WordPress 5.4 Beta 3 Is Out!

WordPress has just released another small beta update. This is the third beta version released just a week after WordPress 5.4 beta 2. The purpose of this release is to test the features and report bugs to the WordPress core team. It’s highly recommended that…

What’s New in WooCommerce 3.9

WooCommerce just released its first update of 2020 on 22 January, which brings new enhancements and a more stable version. WooCommerce 3.9 was in the development stage since November right after its previous release i.e., WooCommerce 3.8. It’s a minor release with 600 commits by 18…

WordPress 5.3.2 – Maintenance Update

WordPress 5.3.2 is out and addresses a few high-priority bug fixes from the one-week-old WordPress 5.3.1 release. Version 5.3.2 is mainly focused on maintenance features as 5 fixes and enhancements are addressed in this release. Also, these all fixes are going to be merged in…

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