Just like a baby outgrows the clothes, a digital business outgrow its hosting plan as it grows up…

However, unlike the baby, when it comes to digital business, deciding when the current hosting is no longer an adequate solution is difficult to guess. This is often the case when the business has progressed beyond the initial stages.

To help such businesses, I have compiled the following list that indicates when the business needs new hosting. I recommend that business owners and managers should keep an eye out for these indicators and consider switching to a new hosting solution ASAP.

Your Website is Crawling at a Snail’s Pace

A slow website is a revenue killer. Think of all the visitors that could have converted, but is bouncing away because of the slow speed. Google also hates slow websites and actually places such websites very low in SERP.

Businesses often start with low cost shared hosting plans in order to save initial business costs.As the traffic increases, shared hosting solutions start to slow down the website because of uneven allocation of resources. is essential and one reason for it being slow is the current hosting plan. In such cases, the businesses should immediately consider upgrading their hosting solutions.

Your Website is Down Most of the Time

Downtime directly translates into lost revenues. The equation is simple – the longer your website or store remains down, you will lose traffic and revenue. While 1-2% downtime is acceptable for some types of websites, it is unacceptable for ecommerce stores and comparable websites.

If the downtime becomes a common occurence, it is time to talk to your hosting provider. If they value your business, the sysadmins and technical people will dig down and try to minimize the downtime of your website. However, if the problem persists, it is time to switch to a better performing host. A VPS or a dedicated hosting server is a good, albeit costly solution. If this is the case with your business, it is time to check out cloud hosting.

Customer Support Doesn’t Care About Your Business

Websites and hosting are finicky and things could go wrong at any time. Since many website owners and managers are not technically proficient enough to solve the issues themselves, support is crucial for continuing business. If your hosting provider does not reply to your emails and/or calls, it is time to switch hosting solutions.

Never compromise on the quality of customer support because slow responses to your hosting related problems means that the hosting provider is either uninterested or (worse) not competent enough to handle your website’s hosting .

You Feel The Website is Vulnerable

A web hosting service should have trustworthy security measures in place to deter cyber attacks. Though many hosting providers have security measures as DDoS protection and firewalls in place, but it is often not enough in today’s fast paced cyber world.

Make sure your hosting service provides include free SSL certificates and two-factor authentication at the minimum.

Your Web Host Simply Can’t Grow with Your Business

At the moment, businesses could choose from four types of hosting solutions: Shared, Virtual Private Server (VPS), Dedicated, and Cloud. Most web hosting services provide shared, VPS, and dedicated hosting services to the users. However, these three are often not suitable for growing businesses because of either cost of the solution or the technical challenges involved.

Cloud based hosting solutions are flexible both in terms of available resources and operational capabilities. In many cases, cloud hosting offers the best compromise between cost and functionality for your business.

Wrapping Up

Hosting is an essential component in the success of your digital business. If the hosting provider is unable to keep up with the demands of your business, it is time to look for a better cloud powered hosting solution.

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