Changing your WordPress Language is not a hefty task as it takes a bit of your basic understanding on WordPress. Most users find it suitable to use their WordPress Dashboard in their respective language depending on the region or location they are living at. By default, WordPress is set to English Language. Today, we are going to educate individuals on how one can easily change this language setting from their Admin Dashboard.

In order to do so, you have to follow these simple and easy steps

Step # 1: Log-In to your WordPress Dashboard

log in to your wordpress dashboard

Step # 2: Navigate to your Settings Menu and Select General Link

 Navigate to your Settings Menu

Step # 3: Select Drop-Down menu located next to the Site Language option and select your desired language.

Site Language option

Step # 4: Once done with the selection, simply select the Save Changes option. Once you are done with setting the attributes, you can simply see your website displayed in your desired language.

Here is an example, how your website will look after changing to desired language.


espanol language example on wordpress


tagalog language wordpress

Above stated are two different examples of shifting your WordPress admin dashboard in accordance to your specified preference. You can further tweak around with many other depending on the language you want to set for your WordPress Dashboard.

I hope this article provided credible amount of knowledge, we aim to educate individuals more and more, hence stay tuned at WPBlog. Your contribution is all what matters!