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Why WordPress Trumps Drupal and Joomla

WordPress, Drupal and Joomla, or as people like to call them ‘The Big Three,’ are powering around 90% of the websites. These three have different capabilities and unique selling points that make them stand out from the rest but what makes WordPress better than Drupal…

Top WordPress Books To Learn WordPress in 2017

In this era of video tutorials and SlideShare, ebooks are still an important way of adding more to your WordPress skills. Ebooks are more of a long-term solution providing a reference to code snippets and processes essential for deploying and maintaining WordPress blogs, sites, themes,…

Will WordPress Be Relevant In 2018?

WordPress has seen incredible growth over the years. It started out as a CMS for bloggers, and it is now the backbone of large websites like TechCrunch, BBC, The New Yorker, and Bloomberg Professional. Also read: Popular 50+ Brands Using WordPress In 2018 Launched in 2003,…

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